Thursday, November 1, 2012


TENDE RLOIN would also like to thank Sammy Greenspan of Kattywompus Press for coming out to Kajun's to read in the middle of a ... not sure what the parade was for ... parade in New Orleans!

We got to do everything that night: play nintendo, see a parade, and READ POETRY. DeWitt Brinson and Christopher Shipman read from their Katty chap SUPER POEMS

And sing karaoke. 


  1. I don't a was to subscribe to your blog updates, but I have added your Kajun's event to the weekly Odd Words column on, and will post it in my daily reminders on the Odd Words FB and Googe+ pages on @odd_words on Twitter. Keep me posted about future events. Likes on the FB page greatly appreciated.

  2. Mark,

    Thank you! We appreciate that. I'll link to you in our side column.